Thank you for your interest in a WIT websites.

WITsites produce websites that work – bringing people to Wisconsin and to your business is our business! WITsites include WI Travel directories for members and businesses. Those businesses that have been on a WIT website know that they work. It pays to advertise with WIT.

Advertise with WIT. It is harder to get your business on the first page of search engine listings with ads, placements and directories given priority and businesses competing for top spots. Google puts you somewhere on your business city’s search page – we link our websites on 570 Wisconsin travel pages of neighboring cities, area attractions, dining, events, lodging and shopping pages and on other website partners.

Talk about partners… innkeepers send their guests to attractions, cities, dining, events and shopping and in return these businesses send people to places to stay.

WI Travel directories are designed to bring your business website to the attention of guests and tourists searching throughout Wisconsin or the Greater Madison WI area and South Central Wisconsin.


  1. They are proven investments. They get visits to your website. And, these visits are valuable visits – just what a searcher is looking for. For example: One inn reported their cost on InnWisconsin.com to be $.08 cents per visit (based on $120/year fee) compared to $.56, $.80 and $2.40 for other state and national directories.
  2. Your business can be found among fewer listings.
  3. WI Travel directories appear in top search results for numerous Wisconsin travel search terms.
  4. 1-time fee = about ½ the cost of a 1-year cost of major directories that get you less business or a print ad that may get you no visits.
  5. Promotes your business in Wisconsin.
  6. Compliments state and regional association directories.
  7. ROI – visits result in $1000s in bookings.
  8. Provide Marketing for your website by category, city, county or region.
  9. Domain name is memorable for guests and content appropriate.
  10. Creates & maintains a listing from your submission, website and info.
  11. Professionally hosted, maintained and marketed.
  12. Promotes your website link – not airline tickets, car rentals, cheap deals, free stays, products, gift cards or a reservation system.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


If you have any questions please EMAIL.


____ MadisonInns.com is designed for businesses within an hour of Madison and promotes your member business in Madison and in many surrounding communities on 79 pages. Area searchers want to see all the Madison Area Bed and Breakfast Inns and area businesses. See MadsionInns.com/ads.html.

____ InnWisconsin.com promotes all it’s member businesses in Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin and/or Central WI and Northern WI and many cities surrounding your business on 257 pages. Wisconsin searchers check all the Inns of Distinction and the many businesses on the site. See InnWisconsin.com/ads.html.

____ BestInMadison.com promotes Madison Inns and Madison businesses in area communities and in over 101 attractions within an hour of Madison on 233 pages of cities and attractions surrounding your business. See BestInMadison.com/ads.html.


___B&B Inns  ___Lodging   ___Attractions   ___Cities   ___Dining   ___Events   ___Shopping.




  1. A Picture-and-75-word-link-ad on the sites Bed and Breakfast page (i.e. “Best in Madison Lodging’ or “Inns of Distinction” or “Madison Inns” page).
  2. Same Picture and similar 75-word-link-ad on “Lodging” page.
  3. A 4-line-link-ad on a 2nd City page:__________________________________________
  4. A 4-line-link-ad on an attraction page: ______________________________________________

* Cities and attraction must be within 30 minutes of your inn.

ADDITIONAL 4-line-link-ad on a “City” or “Attraction” page + @$20 1-TIME FEE.


___B: BUSINESS LISTING: ___$250 with 3-4 lines = 1-TIME FEES. With ___Picture add $50 Includes:

  1. Picture of outside of business if applicable plus 75 word description for $300
  2. 4-line-link-ad on Your “City” page: _______________________
  3. Same 4-line-link-ad on a 2nd City page:____________________
  4. Same 4-line-link-ad on a nearby “Attractions” page:____________

*Cities or attraction must be within 30 minutes of your business.

ADDITIONAL same 3-line-link-ad on a “City” or “Attraction” page add @$20 1-Time Fee.


  1. Your Name:
  2. Your Phone #:
  3. Your Email:
  4. Business Name:
  5. Website address: Ex: http:// www.my domain .com
  6. Street address, City, County, Wisconsin, ZIP.
  7. Business phone number.
  8. 4-line-Word-Description including above desired info.


  1. 75-word description including desired info above and your business distinctions, awards, specialties, etc.
  2. Picture of outside of your business if applicable.


___ A or B: Please also furnish 1 or 2 of your favorite links to nearby: Attractions, Dining, Events or Event, Venues, Shopping.


** WITsites reserves the right to edit listings for size and content.



  1. SEND CHECK & A PRINT COPY of application to:

WIT SITES, c/o Gary Bahr, 1090 Severson Rd, Belleville, WI 53508.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Advertise with WIT!  Websites that Work!   

WIT – Sifting, Winnowing and Weaving the Web To Promote Wisconsin Travel SITES – Bringing people to Wisconsin and to your business is our business! 

WITsites, c/o Gary Bahr, 1090 Severson Rd, Belleville, WI 53508-9728

Copyright 2015 * WITsites * All Rights Reserved

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